Tiffany Wick

My name is Tiffany Wick. I live in Utah.  My husband and I have been married for six and a half years, we five children combined. The oldest boy is 13 and lives with his mother.  My husbands next two boys are 9 & 11 and we have full custody of them and have two girls together ages 5 & 3.  My husband was in the Army for ten and a half years.  He served two tours in Iraq one of which was while we were together.  He sustained a neck injury stateside in training in 2006 which resulted in a med-board in 2008.   He was finally diagnosed with PTSD in 2010 though he had shown signs long before. Though my years of caregiving, some of the things I haved learned the hard way are to educate myself about PTSD, to not forget to care for myself and how important it is to have a support network of people who understand. By doing these things I a better able to care for my family and Veteran. My caregiver responsibilities include everything and anything, cooking, cleaning, yard work, house repair, all finances, medication management, arranging and attending all appointments, and registering for classes as he attempts to go back to school. Also helping manage his PTSD on a daily basis, watching for triggers and helping calm him when he is triggered.