Malisa Cutler

(Advocate, Veteran Spouse)

In 2010, Malisa Cutler became a co-coordinator of the inaugural National Warfighter Symposium to assist her husband who is a 100% disabled veteran with combat related TBI Parkinson's Disease. In 2011, she took part in a three day fact-finding program set up by the Department of Defense, Wounded Warrior Policy and Transition. As part of a group of Caregivers, her feedback was used to determine weak points and refine the Warfighter transition process after being discharged from a Warrior Transition Unit or Military Hospital. This year; Cutler was appointed Secretary to the Seirra Nevada VA Hospital Veteran and Family Council, participated in the Spouse READI study program to help assist Caregivers spouses when Warfighters return home, began a Caregiver support network that has risen to almost 250 Caregivers from across the country, was recruited to mentor younger Caregivers by the Peer Support Mentoring Program. She assists her husband as a Caregiver SME for his Radio show and travels with him as he educates the Law Enforcement community about Warfighter deescalation and other events across the country.