Debbie Sprague

Debbie Sprague is a Board Certified Coach, holds a Community College Teaching Credential in Health and Physical Care Services, and is a Recreation Therapist Consultant. In 2011, she launched “Detours 2 Dreams” – whose mission is to support, inspire and share knowledge with spouses who are over whelmed by caregiving and living with the invisible wounds of PTSD, and are ready to cherish their own well-being while honoring and caring for their veteran. Debbie has personally walked the walk of caregiving during her son’s and her mother in laws losing battle’s with cancer. Since 2004, she has cared for her husband a disabled Vietnam Vet suffering from PTSD and complications of Agent Orange Exposure. Debbie is also the primary caregiver for her elderly parents. She has been a volunteer with Family of a Vet since 2010. Debbie is the author of the forthcoming book – “A Stranger in My Bed ~ 8 Steps to Getting Your Life Back from the Contagious Effects of PTSD” which will be released in 2013.