Ash Wise

Ash Wise is the CEO and Founder of Battling BARE, Inc. one of the fastest growing and most internationally recognized charities addressing PTSD. Originally setting out to find a few other women married to combat arms Service Members with PTSD, Ash started a global movement when she posted her now iconic barebacked photo holding her husband’s gun above her head with a pledge emblazoned on her back that vowed to quiet the silent screams and piece together the shards of her husband soul shattered by everything he had seen and experienced in combat.

Ash married young—the day after her 18th birthday to an Army Soldier. After only 4 years and 2 children, Ash’s first marriage came to an untimely end when her first husband fell victim to a double homicide on Christmas Day 2004. At the age of 21, Ash was now a widow with a 3 year old daughter and 13 month old son. She vowed to be a survivor rather than a victim of circumstance and pulled herself up by her bootstraps and drove on with life.

She met and married her now husband, Robert Wise, while he was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington ironically attached to the same Stryker Unit, 2-3 Infantry, as her first husband. Together Rob and Ash gave birth to their 3rd child, a daughter. The family of 5 is now stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and is counting the days until Rob’s 20 year retirement in May of 2014.

Ash has been an active philanthropist throughout her life serving in various positions and on numerous committees for non-profits and Family Readiness Groups during her nearly 12 years as an Army wife. She is humbled and honored to serve others dealing with the daily challenges of primary and secondary PTSD no matter the cause. Ash is dedicated to the Mission of Battling BARE: eradicating PTSD’s stigma by providing a voice for the individuals and families that suffer from this seemingly invisible disease and providing a pathway for healing and self-actualization following the guidelines of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Therefore, Battling BARE provides services, programs and events to further education, self-empowerment and healing, along with creating a massive referral network of organizations  whose missions are to help with everything from food, clothing and shelter to legal, spiritual, mental and emotional health needs.

Ash has studied Equine Business and Ranch Management at Western Dakota Technical University. She also studied Equine Training under the expertise of Katherine McClarrinon, who in turn was trained by Buck Branaman—the man who inspired “The Horse Whisperer” and featured in the film “Buck”.

The quintessential entrepreneur, Ash’s natural business sense, vast array of skills and talents, along with her uncanny ability to retain information and learn at lightening speeds has caused others to call her a prodigy, but for those that know her best, Ash is simply Ash—devoted mother, wife and friend who is painfully honest, grounded, humble, loyal and loving.

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas but having grown up in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Ash’s North/South perspective on American culture has given her the ability to get some of the most unlikely people to work together for a common goal. She is looking forward to what her future and Battling BARE have in store.