Amber Bloss

Amber was living in Chicago with her daughter when she reconnected with Jim, a friend from high school.  While serving as a Lead Cavalry Scout attached to an Infantry Unit, Jim had been combat wounded in Iraq the year before, in 2008, and little did she know this chance encounter would so dramatically change her life. Jim suffers from a moderate TBI, PTSD, a neck injury, and chronic pain.  Knowing very little about Army life initially, Amber found it difficult to navigate the system and advocate for Jim, all while still discovering the severity of his invisible wounds.  Developing a relationship under these circumstances felt nearly impossible at times, but finding other caregivers and sharing information proved vital. As their relationship continued to grow, they found new challenges in blending their families and supporting their children in understanding Jim’s wounds.   Jim spent 3 years in the CBWTU, was med boarded, and was finally medically retired in May 2011.  Nearly a year and half after retirement, Jim and Amber continue to wait and struggle with the VA for his rating and his care.

Amber Bloss was raised in Indiana and received her B.A. from Goshen College.  She currently works in the social work field.  Amber feels indebted to the support she found through other caregivers and hopes to continue to contribute in turn to others that might need support and also, help ongoing efforts to bring public awareness to the challenges and strengths of our Wounded Warrior families.